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Annual physical exams can help prevent future health issues. At Empire New York Medical Care, patients throughout the New York City can have annual physical exams Dr. Hago in the office conveniently located in Midtown East,New York.

Physical Exam Q & A

What does a physical exam include?

A physical exam will typically involve the collection of a medical history and monitoring of a patient's vital signs. Dr. Hago will check blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and temperature. The doctor will listen to the heart to determine whether there are any irregularities like a heart murmur or heart disease. Dr. Hago will also listen to the lungs to make sure there are no wheezing, crackling, or other indicators of possible lung disease. A head and neck examination is also included in an annual checkup. This includes a throat and tonsils exam. Dr. Hago may check the ears, nose, eyes, and lymph nodes at this time. The doctor will usually check reflexes to make sure response times are within normal ranges during the annual checkup, as well. An annual exam may also include a number of other things depending on the patient’s needs. The yearly examination can be customized for the patient and their needs.

Why should you receive an annual physical examination?

An annual physical examination will allow the doctor to identify any changes in your health or new signs of potentially dangerous illnesses in their earliest stages. This will allow the doctor to order further tests and begin treatment as soon as possible. Also, many insurance companies and employers require a physical examination as a way of determining your level of overall health. It helps them to determine whether or not you are a good risk for insurance and if you will be physically able to perform the duties associated with the position you are applying for.

What questions should I ask during an annual exam?

  • What screenings should I have?
  • Are all of my signs within normal limits?
  • What symptoms should I look out for, considering my age and medical history?
  • What are the best ways to manage my health?
  • What conditions do I have a higher risk of developing?
  • Is my health better, worse or the same since my last visit?
  • What one change should I make to have the biggest improvement in my health?

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